D815EEAL Audio Problems

D815EEAL Audio Problems

Post by bob gra » Sat, 09 Mar 2002 02:42:09

Has anyone experienced problems using the onboard audio
of the d815eeal using any 2.4 kernel?

1. Audio mixer for /dev/audio or USB audio?


does anyone see a possibility for controlling /dev/audio? Is there
even a tool?


Im running a 2.4.13 kernel with a USB webcam (ToUCam Pro). The
built-in microphone is supported through the USB Audio class (and
accessable via /dev/audio). Everything works pretty well except audio
quality. The sound is scratchy on higher levels. All I want is to
lower the input level. The tools I have, smix and amixer, only
correspond with my soundcard (/dev/dsp).

The machine is a PC with SuSE, not a SUN/SPARC.

Thanks in advance
Greetings from snowy Berlin


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