USB causing hang during BIOS POST

USB causing hang during BIOS POST

Post by Mark » Fri, 16 Apr 2004 21:51:43

My system has developed a strange quirk.  During the POST routine to size
and test the system RAM, the system will hang unless I disconnect my
Smartmedia reader that is attached thru a USB port.  Once the OS is up,
whether it be WinXP or RedHat 8, I can re-attach the reader and it works

I also have a USB scanner, tracball mouse, and Palm Pilot hotsync cradle.
The problem first appeared after I installed a new DVD-R/W drive.
Originally, it was the scanner that caused the hang, but by moving cables
around, it is now the reader that causes the hang.

Now for specific questions:  does anyone have any ideas as to what could
be doing this?  I would like to look at the BIOS code itself, but don't
know how to dump/debug code at a fixed memory location.  Once linux is up,
is it still possible to examine the BIOS?  Does BIOS still begin at

(still caught in the maze of twisty little passages, all different)


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