SUSE hangs after a few minutes..

SUSE hangs after a few minutes..

Post by Kompi » Tue, 16 May 2006 16:34:07

I have just installed Suse 9.1 on my old Toshiba Sattelite 4200 series
but after a few minutes the laptop freezes and has to be booted up
It's unpredictable when it happens but I can not run it much longer
than 3-4 minutes.

This does not happen in Failsafe Mode when booted without graphics.

The laptop has been running (on 192Mb RAM) 100% fine with Win98 & WinXP
before Iinstalled Suse.

I had my wireless DLink PCMCIA Network card mounted during install.
Could this be the cause?

( I know very little of Linux, so please explain any solutions well...

Any suggestions..

Kompis  :-)