(NEC) 4x4 CD-ROM changer

(NEC) 4x4 CD-ROM changer

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This may be a FAQ but anyway:

Is it possible to mount every CD on changer simultaneously or does these
IDE changers work at all with Linux?



1. NEC 4x4 CD-ROM changer...

I built a system recently, and for the CD-ROM drive, I picked a NEC 4x4
CD changer.  It is an ATAPI/EIDE drive which holds up to 4 CD-ROMs, and
is a quad-speed reader.

I am curious of Linux kernel version 2.0.x supports this drive, and if
so, what special hacks/kludges to the configuration may be required...?

Thanks in advance.  Email replies appreciated.
Robert P. Poole -- Software Engineer, Informative Graphics Corp.


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