ATI All in Wonder PCI 8MB Card-Can only get standard vga display in Linux

ATI All in Wonder PCI 8MB Card-Can only get standard vga display in Linux

Post by Joe Bonan » Mon, 19 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I downloaded the lastest xfree86 namely with the latest mach
64 driver but cannot get more than the standard vga display 640 x 480
which is not adequate for x.

I even downloaded the commercial demo from Xi graphics, and installed
it, and this only brings up a blank screen.

When I use the X server and when I run XF86Setup and configure it for
the card and the driver for even 800 x 600 display, when it brings up
the screen in x, it is totally unusable, it flickers and sometimes the
screen is split into sections.  I have tried all different
combinations including trying to use the SVGA instead of the mach 64
all to no avail.  The only display that works is the standard vga.

I would appreciate any input on this and if someone perhaps has this
card and has gotten it to work, I would like to see the config file.
The monitor I am using is a multi frequency monitor with the range of
30-64 and 50-110 which is what I enter when running XF86Setup. I have
tried the presets for the monitor and these bring up no screen at all.

The ATI card has built in ramdac and built in clock speeds, so no
settings are supposedly required when running XF86Setup, but I am
wondering if there are some settings that must be manually entered to
make it work and take advantage of its capabilities instead of being
limited to standard vga in Linux x.

There has to be something wrong since even the commercial server
doesn't work which I would consider purchasing if it worked.

Thanks for any help



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My best guess from all the docs Ive read is that it is imcompatible with
the card.  Even though X386 seems to take "ATI" for a chipset.  

Oh well, if anyone HAS gotten it to work with the ATI card please Email
me back, Ill post a summary back here, if I get any possitve results.

(Please include Xconfig, thanks)

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