Compact flash readers

Compact flash readers

Post by Jacob Langfor » Fri, 08 Jan 1999 04:00:00


Does anyone know of support for compact flash readers,
either SCSI, parallel (Lexar), floppy-disk adaptor, or PCMCIA

Very much want to write DOS files to a compact flash card.


1. Compact Flash Reader?


I need to get a CF card reader that works with Linux, preferrably.

I would like to get the Delkin one:

But this one is known to be compatible with Linux:

Sandisk also has USB 2.0 ones:

which they don't assert to be Linux compatible, but that doesn't mean
they won't work.

I had a Zio Smart media reader which worked with Linux for reading, but
I couldn't write to it.

Any recommendations?  A USB 2.0 would be nice, since I've got some large
CF cards now.

Thanks for input.

Christopher R. Carlen
Principal Laser/Optical Technologist
Sandia National Laboratories CA USA

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