video resolution changing automatically & messing up X

video resolution changing automatically & messing up X

Post by Mjd4 » Mon, 27 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I'm running a typical dual boot (WinDoze98 & RedHat 6.1) machine with a SiS5598
video card.  Everything works great except that my monitor (HP-M50) goes from

bizzare 700x400 mode, my Xwindows session becomes unreadable.  Reinstalling
linux gets it working again, but then this problem will rear it's ugly head
again.  X is still set up for 800x600, but I can't get the monitor to get away
from this 700x400 mode.  Any idea what gives?  If it helps, the monitor mode
seems to change while LILO loads (I have the same resolution for Win98... if I
hit the mode button on the monitor, it pops up as 700x400 as soon as the linux
is chosen for the OS.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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I'm new to Linux.  I'm running Linux (Red Hat 4.1) on a Pentium, which was setup
by somebody else.  I'd like to find out what resolution & refresh rate is being
used, then see if I can come up with a better setting.  I've tried digging
through documentation;  but all I can find is references to an XFConfig86 file,
and hits that there's a program that could help me solve the problem ... I can
find a configuration file (actually, more than 1 configuration file), but no
program.  I haven't spent a lot of time looking through the configuration file,
but it looks like there's a lot of information there specifying video
parameters!  So without trying to translate this further, I'm not sure what's

I may end up replacing the monitor with something better, in which case I'll
need to deal with this in even more detail, perhaps.

What's the best way to deal with this?

Dave Morgenlender

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