redhat linux boot disk 5.0 does not boot on Asus p2b

redhat linux boot disk 5.0 does not boot on Asus p2b

Post by Ram Bhamidipat » Wed, 26 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have a new Asus P2B mainboard with a PII 400 and 128meg of system

When I try to boot from the redhat 5.0 boot disk nothing happens.
The system goes through the normal power-on sequence (mem test,beep,
scan for PnP, scan SCSI bus, etc).

The floppy drive light goes on. And then nothing. Nothing is printed
on the screen, and there is no more system activity.

I'm pretty sure the floppy itself is ok, since I used it to install
linux on an old 486 and it worked just fine.

This is a SCSI only system. I've got the Adaptec 1542CF (not the plug
and play version). I have three ISA cards in this machine: The AHA 1542CF,
a Number Nine video card and a Plug and Play Sound Blaster card.

For whats its worth, I know not much, the system works fine under

Can anyone tell me what might be wrong or what things I should try to
get the system to boot? I believe its possible since I've seen posts
from people that have Linux running on this mb.

Thanks for any info.


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I have an Asus P2B-LS with a LAN and SCSI built in. I am using an IDE
boot drive,
not SCSI. I have tried booting with Redhat 6.1, 6.2, and the latest
boot.img on

Everything looks fine during the black screen boot sequence. As soon as
I get the
"Welcome to Red Hat Linux" blue screen (not of death), I get the
message, "Loading
SCSI driver...Loading aic7xxx driver". It never gets any farther.

I have tried disabling the SCSI in BIOS (onb aha bios = disable),
without luck. I even installed an old scsi
Zip drive to give the controller something to do but it still hangs.

I have the BIOS set to boot from IDE, not SCSI. A:, cdrom, c:.

I have Linux 6.1 on the system, but the X server dies (can't find
default font). I suspect that the
hard drive is crumbling. I want to reformat the entire thing and check
for errors, but I can't get
it to boot.

Any pointers appreciated!


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