Sound In Linux With An OPTi 925 chipset

Sound In Linux With An OPTi 925 chipset

Post by dann » Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:00:00

i'm using slackware 3.4 and just updated my kernel to 2.1.111. while i
was configureing it i tried ALL the possible solutions and for some
reason or another, i couldnt get it to work (the MAD16 driver). Is there
any solutions or other ideas anyone can help me with??
i tried it for 16 hours and it still isn't working......

1. OPTi 925 based sound cards

I have a sound card that is based on an OPTi 925 chip set and it is
PnP. This card has no jumpers so that it is impossible to manually set
irq, dma and port. Linux does not find the card (specific message: sb
compatible card not found at irq 7). How can I make Linux detect it?
I'm running kernel 2.0.1.

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