Q: experiences with GA-586DX having 2940UW on board?

Q: experiences with GA-586DX having 2940UW on board?

Post by Heiko Purnhage » Fri, 29 Nov 1996 04:00:00


Is there anybody out there who is running Linux on a Gigabyte GA-586DX
main board using the built-in 2940UX SCSI chip set? This dual Pentium
board was recommended to me, but I haven't heard of any Linux
experiences yet ...

BTW: Where can I find info on Linux dual CPU support?

Thanks for your help!


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1. STAG Ram Chip for Board GA-586DX


i want to upgrade my Gigabyte-Mainboard (GA-586DX, CPU Pentium 200,
Chip-Set 430HX TritonII) from 64MB to 128 MB Ram. Of course, this only
makes sense if the memory will be cached. The 430HX Chip-Set can
manage up to 512MB Ram. But for this one also needs a STAG-Ram Chip. I
looked for it on the board, but didnt manage to find it, nor do i find
an empty place to install it.

So my question is:

Must i buy also a STAG_Ram Chip or is it installed already ?
If i must by one, where can i get it ?

Many thanks for an advice!

        Regards Michael

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