486 mb question PLEASE HELP!

486 mb question PLEASE HELP!

Post by jpwi » Sun, 05 Nov 1995 04:00:00

   I have been given an older 486 mother board that was made by Vantage.
 The silk screen on the board says copyright 1991. It uses the AMI bios,
 and has the OPTI chip set. Also silk screened on the board is
  Vantage 486sc25/33. Is this a 486dx motherboard or a sx motherboard. I
have no manuals for this thing. I also have no battery for the
motherboard. Could someone tell me something about it?

                                                   John Williams


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I have:

Acer Acros 486DX2/66
 12 MB RAM
 Cirrus chip set (5428)
 3c509 ethernet card

I loaded Slackware 3.0 (off the Platypus 2 disk set).  Everything
worked fine.  I had X up and running - nice and fast w/ accelerator.  I
used the machine for months as an X server and a general workstation
(gcc, Netscape, etc.).  I thought I'd be smart and upgrade to 20 MB.

If the machine has 12 MB, all OS's run great (DOS 6, Win 3.11, Win 95, Linux).

If it has 16 or 20 MB, all but Linux work fine.  Any ideas?  It fails
with only 16 MB so the kernel param saying to only use the lower 16
probably won't help.  Anyway, I can't keep it running long enough to
build a new kernel.

Any ideas?


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