HP 560c printer reset problems

HP 560c printer reset problems

Post by DANIEL J. DEXT » Thu, 25 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have a HP DeskJet 560c printer, which resets after every page printed.
This makes for very slow printing of anything over one page long.
It resets no matter if I use lpr or cat (filename) > /dev/lp1.
(I'm using kernel 2.0.7).




1. Printer Problems - HP 560C

I strongly recommend the printer filter program 'apsfilter'


Download it (212K) and untar it in an apropriate dir...

  mkdir /usr/local/apsfilter

  cp  spa-491.tgz  /usr/local/apsfilter

  cd    /usr/local/apsfilter

  tar -zxvf aps491.tgz

Read the README and install docs.
Then run the SETUP script and  the questions as best you can.

It's done the trick for me on several printers, dot-matrix to

Goodly luck,

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