Need help setting up Exabyte TR-4 tape Drive

Need help setting up Exabyte TR-4 tape Drive

Post by cmosent.. » Mon, 21 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hello:  I am realitively new to Linux so be patient.  I have everything
setupnad running properly except for my TR-4 tape drive.  It is an
Exabyte drive (ATAPI) and has functioned flawlessly under Win98.  I want
to set it up now under Linux (RH 6.0).  Need help in easy to follow
steps (so my mind does not melt).


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Please don't refer me to any How-To's as this information is not in any of


Andrew Chaplin, Computer Operator
Information Technology Services, Canisius College
chaplina at canisius dot edu (remove devnull when replying via email)

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