Adaptec 2940W problem

Adaptec 2940W problem

Post by Thomas C. Beth » Thu, 07 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I'm having a problem with a machine I'm setting up.  The following
are the important pieces of the system.

Pentium 133MHz
Intel Endeavor MotherBoard w/256k cache
Adaptec 2940W
32Megs Ram
3com Ether Card
Cirrus Logic 1MB Video

I initially set up the system on a Adaptec 1542 SCSI controller and everything
was working fine.  I then upgraded to the Adaptec 2940W and the problem
begins.  The system Recognizes the 2940 but not the new kernel that I've
compiled to run with the new card.  I've already tried the kernel in another
system that's set up about the same with the same SCSI card and it works

Any help the ANYONE could give me is apprieciated.


                Tom Bethea


1. At last, my Adaptec 2940W problem SOLVED!

Ah, at last I got it to work:

I have an IBM 320 server with an adaptec 2940w, 4x2Gb disks and
an IBM CD-ROM. The cdrom identifies itself as CDRM00203.

It worked perfectly with win95. Yes, YES, the termination is

When I installed Linux I ran into 1.0e6 problems with the disks
and the CD-ROM.

I first installed redhat 4.0, kernel 2.0.18, later upgraded to

The problem was, that linux would stop with a lot of scsi resets
when I try to access the CD-ROM. Usually, it would run for a
short time if I used the command:

tar cvf /dev/null /mnt/cdrom

but if I copied the files to the harddisks it would stop immediately,
with a lot of scsi resets.

The solution to the problem was to enter the scsi setup during
boot (with ctrl-A), and disable initiate sync negotiation for
the cdrom drive, and fixing the speed at 5MHz. The disks run at
10 MHz.

This solved the problem, and it now works great.

The question left is of course, why is this necessary? Is this
a problem with the aic7xxx driver that it doesn't know how to
change speed correctly? As I said before, it works under win95,
I could copy files from the CD to the harddisk without any problems.

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