2842 won't work w/translation 1gig, problem similar to EIDE

2842 won't work w/translation 1gig, problem similar to EIDE

Post by Marc Merl » Sun, 19 Feb 1995 00:25:50

I tried to install slackware 2.1 on my 486 w/an Adaptec 2842VL
SCSI card (should be linux 1.1.59)

I get errors since I don't put any disk in any of my two optical
drives, however after that it won't work and I get:

In swapper task not syncing

So I tried a boot disk from a friend (it seems to be a precompiled
kernel provided on the Slackware CD, not one of the root disks),
and this time I got:

kernel panic: aha274x_isr: brkadrint, error=0x1, seqaddr=0x0

So I also tried to disable the more than 1 gig translation (I have
a 2 gig disk) and this time the boot worked (whereas the root disk
After that fdisk told me:
The number of cylinders for this disk is set to 2048, larger than
1024 and may cause trouble with some software.

Since my several dos partitions take up more than 1 gig, I can't
disable the translation for good, however is there a way (similar
to the one used for EIDE disks larger than 520Megs) to install
Linux without the translation and then put it back so that both
Dos and Linux can work (I didn't try that yet because I don't
want to*up my other partitions if this doesn't work)

Any help would be really appreciated...



1. Adaptec 2842 - no cylinder translation - I need it.

Exactly where does it panic and what kind of panic. As far as I know
setting the translation mode incorrectly shouldn't cause a panic, it
will merely make your installed system unbootable. Perhaps you had
some other problem which caused the panic.

Yes you have to configure it the way the documentation says to.  If you
you've got a disk larger than 1Gig and you don't enable translation then
the fdisk partition table entries created by Solaris will be invalid and
the disk will not be bootable.  The driver and the install program
always assume that translation is enabled on large disks.  


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