Olympus MO230ii with SCSI-LPT interface ?!?

Olympus MO230ii with SCSI-LPT interface ?!?

Post by Oleg Krivoshee » Thu, 19 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hi, All

just got olympus MO230ii magneto-optical drive which
is SCSI but has SCSI and LPT cables

i do not have SCSI card in my computer, so the question is:

is it possible to attach and use this drive using parallel
port cable/interface? i do read Optical-HOWTO and got an
impression that drive works fine if SCSI interface is ised.

Is anyone tried to use this stuff with parallel cable/port?

any help is greatly appreciated

thank you



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i have a zip internal with the aha152x scsi interface card under

i want to get a umax scsi scanner.

can i use the zip zoom scsi card as a real (whatever that means) scsi
card and chain the umax to the zip drive?

never done scsi chaining before, thats why i am asking.

thank you.

les schaffer

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