Dell 600SC server, sound and RedHat 9

Dell 600SC server, sound and RedHat 9

Post by Robert Lyn » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 00:47:12

[Sorry for the multiple newsgroup post, but I figure this might be of
interest to people in each of the three groups I chose.]

Recently I bought a Dell 600SC server for a good price to use as (doh)
a workstation, and installed RedHat 9.

Not suprisingly it came without a sound card.  I bought a cheapo one
but was baffled when the notch on the card would not allow me to
install it in the one 32-bit slot.  Then I discovered this server
comes with the new 3.3V PCI slots and requires either cards of this
type or "combo" cards.

Googling for 3.3V sound cards did not reveal any answers at first, but
recently I got some hits to a Dell forum wherein people said that SB
Audigy and Live! cards work.  I bought an OEM SOUND BLASTER LIVE!
(SB0220) 5.1 from for US$35.72 delivered, popped it in,
and: it works!

If you are looking at a different card, don't bother unless it has has
the right notch(es), for reference see:

However, in the install I ran into some nudgies:

1) On RH 9, to run Real Audio and get some sound, I have to invoke
realplay as:

export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5; /usr/X11R6/bin/realplay

I put this into my KDE panel button setup.  Why is explained in the RH
9 release notes.  (I posted about this before with an older system I
have, but even I can't find the posting on Google.  So I'm putting it

2) At first I was mystified that the CD sound did not work.  Then I
discovered I was lacking a connection (MPC-to-MPC 4pin cable) from the
analog CD out to the analog SB in.  You tend not to think cable when
you have a system, generally it comes from the factory all wired up.

I didn't get mine at, but I see they offer such a cable for

Item:   N82E16812102201         Model#           603

If you buy your card there and don't have a cable you maybe should get
one. I wound up shopping locally and getting mine for US$5.

I posting in the hopes of helping others to avoid a lot of work and

Cheers, Bob L.


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