Help for Cyrrus card

Help for Cyrrus card

Post by Alexandra B » Mon, 06 May 1996 04:00:00

I have a Unika PC, with a LCD display and a Cyrrus 7543 video card : it's not recogni-
zed by Linux ( Slackware 3.0 ).

Does anyone know how to have it recognized ??


Alexandra Bac


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I am trying to run Xwindows on an ATI Integra video card.  It has a
28800-6 chip which is supported by X (or so the documentation says).  But
when I startx xinit returns an error of "No valid modes found" after
clock probing the card.  If I do a X -probeonly, I get a screen of zeros
with a 75.0 somewhere in the middle.

I'm stumped.  Can anybody help a Linux newbie?

Paul Weisberg

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