help: mix parity /w non parity RAM?

help: mix parity /w non parity RAM?

Post by Cyril Di » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I bought a new triton motherboard and I have
no idea whether I can use my `old' 36 bit RAM on
it with newer 32 bit RAM :

I would turn parity off in my AMI BIOS of course.

(all 8MB, 70ns double sided SIMMS)

The motherboard says : use SIMMS of equal type and
size .. a bit vague for my small knowledge...

All I know is that the triton chipset doesn't take
advantage of

to mix or not to mix?

Please help, as vendors usually never can't help



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I acquired the FreeBSD book from Walnut Creek with 2.1.5 on a CD set. I'm about to build a box to install it in,  
and while reading the book, ran across a discussion on the various mother boards to consider. The issue that I'm  
currently concerned about has to do with the parity issue. The new mother boards seem to prefer non-parity ram  
(which makes absoultely _no_ sense to me, $ aside), but also employ alot of "new" variations of RAM, such as EDO,  
etc. Once upon a time I could keep with these variations, but not anymore. Could someone please bring me up to  
speed on the stability of FreeBSD in a non-parity system, and how these other RAM solutions fit into the picture?

I hope this is not too far off topic for this group....


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