Post by Pedro Roque Marqu » Thu, 08 Jun 1995 04:00:00

i'm having problems with a Future Domain SCSI board model TMC-850.
on boot:
Jun  7 14:26:14 XXX kernel: scsi0 : TMC-8XX/TMC-950 at irq 5, address 0xC8000
Jun  7 14:26:14 XXX kernel: scsi : 1 host.
Jun  7 14:26:14 XXX kernel: scsi0: unexpected interrupt.
Jun  7 14:26:14 XXX kernel: scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 4,
 scsi0, id 4, lun 0 0x00 00 00 00 00 00

as anyone been hable to put this board to work ?

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1. Help, Future Domain SCSI TMC-850 NOT WORK!

Hi, there,

My friend installed the Linux 0.99 recently. He got the whole SLS package from
tsx-11 and installed about 1 weeks ago. But he has the problem on the SCSI
cd-rom. When he started the machine, Linux told him "0 host, 0 scsi, 0cd-rom"

I guess the problem is the interface. The interface is Future Domain TMC-850
(8 BIT) card. I once had read about to change the seagate.c in line about
548-550 to ...=...|80;. And I rebuild the kernel, but it still not work.

Any suggestion is appreciated, any idea?

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