fast synchronous connection

fast synchronous connection

Post by Jacek Stepniewsk » Fri, 26 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I need to coonect my PC to Cisco router (2500 series)
through fast synchronous link e.g. 512kb/s
using modems with leased line support.
Where can I get hardware (for PC) with Linux driver or
enough documentation ?
Is it possible to buy it for less than $1000 ?
Any help appreciated.

Jacek Stepniewski



1. FAST SCSI-II (synchronous)


I have an NCR53c825 (only FAST SCSI-II, no wide) and a 1GB IBM DPES-31080
drive (FAST SCSI-II). I use rel10 oft the NCR driver. If I enable
synchronous mode I get only a 5MHz synchronous mode. But I've heard that
there is a 10MHz FAST SCSI-II mode. How can I enable it?
Maybe two jumpers on my harddisk have to do with it:

  "Disable Target Indicated Negotiaton"  (tried with and without it with no
  "Disable Unit Attention"               (not tried yet; jumper is not set)

Any suggestions?



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