CD Audio Probs HELP!!!!!

CD Audio Probs HELP!!!!!

Post by Ray Lope » Mon, 30 Dec 1996 04:00:00


Here is some weird audio cd behavior:

1.  I put an audio CD into my cdrom drive

2.  in an rxvt window, I type workbone -a

3.  workbone comes up, i hit the key to start playing my cd

4. cd rom drive lights up to the color it uses when playing an audio cd,
cd spins, workbone ticks away the time, but NO SOUND!!  I can stop,
start, eject cd, etc.  Still no sound.

5. Let workbone play cd, then quit workbone (w/o stopping or ejecting
cd)  I then get this funky error message a few times:

play(1play(187,223574)        stopped #1
msf = 0:2:37 49:40:74
                        stopped #1

then  return to the bash shell prompt.

6.  WEIRD PART:  CD STARTS PLAYING NORMALLY!!!  The whole thing plays
straight thru!  However, THE CD ROM LIGHTS DONT COME ON AT ALL!  The cd
is lightless, but humming away, there is music coming thru perfectly,
and workbone is not running at all (dont see it with top or ps -ef |
grep workbone).  Also, I can control the CD volume with xmix.

Hardware Involved:

o Pentium 120
o Creative Labs 8x cd rom drive
o Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 sound card
o 48 MB RAM

Software Involved:

o Kernel 2.1.17 (also tried 2.0.21)
o Workbone & workman (workman controls cd but just plays loud white
noise in place of music)
o xmix to play with volume
o Xwindows X11 R6

The hardware works perfectly on this same system under Win95.

Does anybody have a clue as to what is wrong with my Audio CD playing
ability??  Everything else about my Linux system functions perfectly
(e.g. RealAudio works great). but this is annoying.  I am trying to
migrate away from Winbloze and use LInux completely, but this is a major
obstacle, since playing CDs while I work is important to me.  Please
help!  Any info appreciated.  TIA.

Ray Lopez, Ph.D.                      L Comm, Inc.


1. Help REQ: CD Audio probs in win95 after Linux upgrade (!!)

Hopefully this my bizarre situation has been encountered before, can some
kind person help me out with this?

I have recently upgraded to Slackware 3.1 with the 2.0.27 (i think) kernel
and standard sound drivers. I have never had any cdrom or cd audio
problems on this machine under windows 95.

When I first booted up the new Linux 2 kernel with sound support (I
totally reformatted my old 1.2.13 partition and reinstalled) sound seemed
to work fine (i cat'd a .wav to /dev/dsp, it didnt sound very pleasent but
it made a noise anyway :-).

CD Audio did not work. I use workbone (or is it workman??) the text based
cd player that comes w/ slackware 3.1. It seemed to be playing the cd but
I could hear no sound. This was before I had cat'd anything to /dev/dsp or
/dev/audio. I was disappointed it didnt work and tried to play some sound
files which worked fine. I then tried workbone again and it worked!
Everything was groovy so far.

When I rebooted back into win95 (no flames please :-) PlayCD ran as
normal, the CD was playing and I got audio from the cd drive headphone
jack but not through the sound card which is a sound blaster 16. No amount
of fiddling with the mixersettings in 95 worked, and a cold reboot didnt
help either. The machine is stuck like this still - cd audio under linux,
silence in 95!

Anyone got any ideas? Sound is an SB16, mitsumi 8 speed IDE drive.

Thanks in advance,

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