trident 9680 being picked as 9660!!!?

trident 9680 being picked as 9660!!!?

Post by Piyush Raizad » Fri, 28 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I have a Trident TGUI9680 with 2 Mb RAM. I believe it allows a dot clock
of 135 MHz. I did look on the graphics board and it 'does' say TGUI9680.
Now the problem is that even after specifying 9680 during configuration,
the SVGA server picks up the card as 9660 with dot-clock of 75 MHz
during startup. I don't know what impact this has on the performance. I
am using X-3.2.
Should I try X-3.2A? Will this fix the problem.
I am running a Pentium 100 , 16 Mb RAM, 70 Megs of swap.
The server looks kind of slow and there are times when it just locks up(
xload shows the load going up a line and everything freezes till the
load comes down). I?wonder if these problems are due to the chipset.
Also could someone tell me if these 6 screens that you get affect the
performance and is there a way to get rid of them. I am OK with one
800x600 screen that 'cooks' than a lot which I don't use anyway.
I concede I am a newbie and would appreciate any help!


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