Driver for Qlogic IQ10 Fast SCSI controller...

Driver for Qlogic IQ10 Fast SCSI controller...

Post by Bostick Aaron » Wed, 31 May 1995 04:00:00

        I read in one of the howto's that a Qlogic driver was in the works.
Does anyone know the status of this development or who's doing it?  If possible
I would be interested in helping things along as I have a Qlogic and am
currently unable to use Linux! :-(

Aaron Bostick


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I'm trying to install Slackware 3.0 on a 486/66 with the following

QLogic Fast!SCSI-2 VLB controller
Micropolis 2217 1.7GB fast SCSI-2 HD
IBM 540MB fast SCSI-2 HD
Orchid Kelvin-64 VLB with 2MB
SoundBlaster 16 w/ASP chip
Matsushita-Kotobuki (sp) CD-ROM hooked to the SB16
3Com 3C509b
VLB HD controller with I/O, VLB disabled (used only for I/O)
Zoom 28.8 v.34i internal modem
MS Mouse
104-Key KBD

I'm using the sbpcd.s image for my 1.44MB boot disk and the color.gz
image for my root disk.

When I try to boot the sbpcd.s floppy, it goes through a bunch of
device loads like it should (I had linux installed on this machine a
LONG time ago and most of the peripherals have changed since then
including going from IDE to SCSI). When it gets to the SCSI adapter it
detects the host adapter, then fries when searching for the first

It obviously hits the HD because the light comes on and stays on, but
the drive doesn't thrash. The computer just hangs, kbd locks, etc.

What should I do next? All I have found so far in my documentation is
that the card is "explicitely supported" and has no command line
parameters for the device driver.

I've checked to make sure I didn't need external termination since in
Win95 I can get the machine to boot with and without external
termination (used to have a scanner on it, and put the scanner back on
it for external termination, same result).

Unfortunately I've butchered my installation of Win95 in this process
(I didn't touch the Win95 drive, but did empty out what I thought was
an unused second partition), so right now the poor thing is sitting in
DOS (actually, it's off right now)

ANY pointers would be helpful ... I'd really love to get this puppy
going with Linux so I have telnet access to my LAN from remote ...
something I SORELY miss under Win95 and NT4.


                            "Some call me Crazy,
                             Some politely call me Free." - John Popper

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