gpm: PS/2 mouse and serial mouse

gpm: PS/2 mouse and serial mouse

Post by Achie Li » Tue, 11 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,

I would like to know how to check under Linux if there's an external
serial mouse attached (I have a notebook). Normally I would like to set
up my touch pad (PS/2) (is this possible with gpm?), but if there's an
external mouse available I would prefer using it instead.

Thanks in advance,



1. PS/2 Mouse erratic, Serial Mouse OK. Why?

I've got a standard microsoft PS/2 (auxialary port) mouse, and it goes
crazy in both Xwindows and in a normal shell upon startup (using gbm, I
believe, the thing that lets you cut and paste in a non-xwindows shell).
I plugged my father's serial mouse into port 1 (com) and then setup linux
for a serial mouse,a ndit worked.  
   My mouse works fine in Win95, and all my other DOS applications, though
Linux is screwed up.  What's up with this?  And yes, I recompiled the
kernel- is there anything I should do after I recompile the kernel?
Besides reboot?  It finished ompiling so I assumed that it had done all
the necessary direcotyr manipulation... thanks in advance!

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