Please help CD-ROM with Media Vision Pro Audio Studio

Please help CD-ROM with Media Vision Pro Audio Studio

Post by Tim Dam » Tue, 09 May 1995 04:00:00


Now that I have that out of my system (not my Linux system... yet).   I have a
Pro Audio Studio sound card to which I have hooked a SCSI-2 complient CD-ROM
drive - a Toshiba 3601 which should be compatible with 3401.  The problem I am
having is that the kernel, on boot up, recognizes the interface and the drive,
but locks the system up when it tries to mount the CD.  I chose the PAS16
interface when I selected a boot disk, and tried every other one for SCSI as
well, but found nothing that will work.  I went ahead and installed from the
hard drive and tried to build a compatible kernel with that installation.  I
installed Slackware 2.2.0 from hard disk and rebuilt the kernel using some
configuration I pulled out of thin air - I really had no idea what I was
doing.  However, it worked!  I got a boot disk that would mount my CD.  
Unfortunately, I had to do some other work with the kernel and installation
and lost that kernel in the process.  Now, I can't get a kernel built that
will recognize my CD!  I have tried many different combinations of SCSI
drivers and sound drivers, but have the same thing happen every time.  At boot
up, the kernel reports the interface as being a PAS16 and having a Toshiba
3601 drive connected to it, but when it goes to mount the disk, the CD spins a
bit, then the system locks up.  If I don't have a disk in the drive at boot
up, the system will boot properly, I just can't mount the CD.  Again, if I
try, the system locks up.  Has anyone had a similar experience with the PAS?  
Does anyone have any advice as to an approach to solve this problem?  I would
greatly appreciate any advice.  Thanks,


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