VoiceNet Internet PHONE?

VoiceNet Internet PHONE?

Post by Mazi » Wed, 19 Feb 2003 04:05:12


I just got this Vocaltec Internet PHONE package from a local CompUSA
(FREE after rebate). The package contains an audio to telephone device
interface unit. It also comes with some Internet Phont v4 software for
windows 95 (no WinME or WiNXP, perhaps this is an old product).
Certainly, this product whould work under Win95, but don't know if it
will also work under Linux. I wondered if anyone has managed to use
this interface device with Kphone and would like to comment on it.



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If I use the private address with my PC and connecting to the Internet
through some Firewall which provide address translation, like Firewall-1,
can I still use some application like Intel Internet Phone, Netmeeting.  I
The document from Checkpoint said that it is not supported since those
applications transfer IP add or port numbers as part of their data.  Is it
true ?  Is there other firewall products can solve the above problem?



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