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I have 3Com's 3c900-TPO NIC and RedHat 5.1 detected it fine.  However, I
recently downloaded the 2.1.128 kernel and upon recompiling, the driver does
not detect my card (says none is present).  I was wondering if anyone else
with the 3c900-TPO has gotten the card to work with the 2.1.128 kernel.
Also, as a side note, I noticed that when the kernel boots, when it says
it's loading module dependencies, it says /lib/modules/preferred/modules.dep
can not be found.  I checked, and there isn't a preferrred dir (I believe it
is a link, but nonetheless, it's not there).  I don't know a lot about the
changes from the stable kernel, but it seems that it's not suppossed to use
the preferred dir, because when I created a dir called preferred, and copied
the modules.dep into it, the kernel gave a message saying, "rm preferred
failed, preferred is a directory".  Everything else seems to work, except
for the network card.  I tried insmoding it, but it still won't detect the
card.  BTW, I have tried both modulizing and emedding the driver into the
kernel.  I need help!  Thanks...

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I have a windows machine that I wanted to convert to Linux.  I have tried
previous versions, such as Redhat 5.0, and Redhat-Mandrake 6.0, both of
which accessed my network card with no problems, and easily set it up,
however, they were extremely difficult to use, and didn't want to work with
my 3dfx voodoo 3 3000 AGP.  I switched to SUSE's 6.2 version, which
installed very simply, and I was able to get the video card set up no
problem.  But now I am stuck with a version that does not want to access my
network card (Necessary for internet access via Road Runner).  I have tried
the 3com site, which pointed me to
which gives a driver for the Vortex series network card: 3c59x.c saying I
simply have to overwrite the same file in it's directory.   I tried it, but
being a newbie, think that I missed something, or misunderstood the
instructions.  Anyone who has had luck setting up Linux with SUSE 6.2, I
would greatly appreciate any tips or tricks you might know.  Please email me

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