Adaptec AIC7850 Integrated SCSI

Adaptec AIC7850 Integrated SCSI

Post by Larry E. Yunker I » Sat, 13 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone got this up and running on linux??  I have tried with
kernel 1.3.75 and the whole system locks as it begins to mount the first

Larry Yunker

P.S. please reply through E-mail


1. SCSI-Controller ADAPTEC AIC7850-Fast

Question: Is SCSI-Controller ADAPTEC AIC7850-Fast SCSI-2 Controller
on Board compatible with LINUX 3.11 XFree86 V3.1.2
(German LINUX Distr.) ?

The complete hardware configuration under consideration is the
Mainboard PCI LS-P54TS Triton/SCSI75-200 Mhz;
Socket 7;
4xIDE Pio-Mode4;
SCSI-Controller ADAPTEC AIC7850-Fast SCSI2-Controller on Board;
Producer Lucky Star;
HDD SCSI 1.080GB IBM DPES-31080 10,5ms;
Fast SCSI-2;
VGA PCI Diamond Stealth64 Video 2 MB VRAM S3-968-64Bit-video-proc.;
CD-ROM drive Pioneer DR-U124X SCSI speed: 4,4.

If you could give further advice concerning this hardware, this would be
acknowledged very much. Thanks for help.

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