Mandrake 7.0 on a compaq ARMADA V300 laptop

Mandrake 7.0 on a compaq ARMADA V300 laptop

Post by Christophe JEANSO » Sat, 08 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Hi guys !

Tomorrow, I have to a friend to configure a mnadrake 7.0 linux
distribution on his new laptop (Compaq armada V300). He ran into
troubles when he tried to configure the XFree86 (3.6, I think) on the
video card (ATI mobility). do somebody already installed the Mdk 7.0 on
a laptop with that video card and was successfull or got into troubles ?
Is there anything I have to know to spare some hours of my week end ?




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At a DECUS meeting last night, we saw Corel LINUX up and running on a number
of Intel desktop and laptop systems.  One was a LINUX only system and the
other was Win95 and LINUX.  Neat stuff.

When I asked the question, how, or can I, install LINUX (the Corel basic
version, if that matters) on a new Compaq Armada V300 and have the thing
"triple boot" either Win98SE, W2000 Professional (the gold build) or Corel's
LINUX.  I'm told that I would need to use the container file FAT32 method
for the LINUX install, but nothing beyond that.  I'd rather be told "I don't
know" and was after asking the above question, save for the container file

It was suggested that I look through the laptop section in  I
did and couldn't find what I was looking for; there was no info on the
Armada V300 (no surprise, they just started shipping a few weeks ago), or
the triple boot thing mentioned above, so I wound up here.

Is such a thing possible?  If I can "make it so",  I'd be happy to report my
findings here for this laptop.



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