Printer suggestions?

Printer suggestions?

Post by Mr A.G. Stub » Sun, 02 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I'm thinking of buying a printer soon (this week?) and I could do with some
advice. I've not really found anything explicitly helpful in the Howto docs.

I've been thinking about the HP DeskJet 870Cxi so I'd appreciate any
success/horror stories concerning this one especially, but this is just
to give you an idea of price range I guess -- not more than $500




1. Printer suggestions?


I am looking around for a printer, that must work perfectly with linux, of course. I have read the info at I
would like for other linux users to post, or email their experiences with printers, good or bad, and any suggestions they could make.
What I'm looking for is a basic home use printer. I like some of the lower cost laser printers, for speed and cost/page, but the ability
to print color, however seldom I use it, make the inkjets attractive. Thoughts and/or opinions?


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