Help with a Digiboard PC/Xi and driver

Help with a Digiboard PC/Xi and driver

Post by stryd » Fri, 26 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I compiled the digi driver by Troy De Jongh.
I always get a error when I try to run the ports the error is
   Kernel: pcxx_error (DigiBoard):line=180 Memory on
I have looked at the code but cant really figure out whats wrong.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Serial driver ver 4.11 with no serial options enabled
Digiboard PC/Xx Driver V1.3: PC/Xe (64K) i/o=0x320 Mem= 0xd0000 Ports=16
PPP ver 0.2.7 (4 channels)
Slip 0.8.3-NET3.019-NEWTTY
Linux version 1.2.8 (gcc version 2.6.3)

                                Timothy Tentinger


1. DigiBoard PC/Xe, PC/Xi Driver!

Fellow Linuxers,

Regarding the Linux DigiBoard Intelligent Serial Board Driver for the
PC/Xe and PC/Xi line of products (no, this does not include the PC/Xem.
That's a different product line), I have revamped the driver so that
it acts just like the normal serial driver.  I originally wrote the
driver so that the ttyD* devices were modem control devices and the
ttyd* devices were the non-modem control devices.  However, due to
confusion by users and a few other problems posed by inconsistencies
between my driver and the regular serial driver, I decided to change
it.  This should basically make it much easier to use.  Now, the
ttyd1 device will act like ttyS0, and ttyD1 will act like cua0,
except that ttyd1 and ttyD1 will be accessing an intelligent device
with fairly large receive and transmit buffers.  :-)

I have bumped the version number up to 1.4 on the driver (pcxe.c is
the only file that has changed for now, although the README-type stuff
will have to change later).  If any of you already have the DigiBoard
driver and want to slap the pcxe.c file over top of your current one
to test the newest version, let me know, and I'll email it to you.  I'll
be working on testing it this week--with anyone who would like to test
it--and will be fixing any reported bugs.  I have already tested
dialin and dialout, and everything seems to work fine, but I would
be grateful for any volunteers willing to test PPP or SLIP.  :-)



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