problems with mouse & modem, need help !

problems with mouse & modem, need help !

Post by Dave Phillip » Wed, 19 May 1999 04:00:00


  I'm trying to set up a machine for a friend, but I've hit some snags:

   1. I found a Diamond SupraExpress 33.6 modem (SUP1690) but I have no
documentation for it and can't figure out how to set the jumpers. I also
need a working init string for it to use in a DIP script.

   2. I was able to set up X and get it working properly, one time.
Since then, if I so much as move the mouse (whether in X or not), it
knocks the keyboard off-line and the entire system freezes. I've tried
using a couple different mice (a Dell 2-button and a new Logitec
Mouseman 3-button, both PS/2 style), but the problem persists.

  The system is:

     486/100 w. 16 megs RAM
     Red Hat 5.2 custom install, stock kernel

  Any & all advice would be vastly appreciated !

== Dave Phillips


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Hello, I need some quick help.  When I installed Slackware 2.3, I gave
the install wrong info about my ports- I switched the mouse and
modem(external) com ports.  One is com1 and the other is com2.  Anyway,
I was wondering where all I need to change settings to get them to work.

I switched the links in /dev (one was Cua?!? and other was a tty?!?!).
This got me to be able to dial from minicom, but minicom wouldn't ever
confirm that the modem connected.  Also, after I did this mc (midnight
commander) wouldn't let me use the mouse.  I take these signs as such
that I didn't change things in all the necessary places.  Any help would
be appreciated!  (I don't care to reinstall all those packages.)  Andy

Andy Lindeman

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