NCR8150s board, Quantum 730s drive help

NCR8150s board, Quantum 730s drive help

Post by Jay F Kusl » Sat, 17 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to install an NCR8150S board into my P90.  I got the 815
chip because I have a Phoenix BIOS that does not have NCR support.
Upon booting, the NCR BIOS is seen and read just fine.  If I boot
Linux from lilo, the messages I get are:

scsi-ncr53c7,8xx : at PCI bus 0, device 13,  function 0
scsi-ncr53c7,8xx : warning : revision of 3 is greater than 2.
scsi-ncr53c7,8xx : NCR53c815 at memory 0x10000000, io 0x3000, irq 255
scsi0 : IRQ255 not free, detaching
scsi : 0 hosts.
scsi : detected total.

I have the NCR card in PCI slot 0: when I put it into slot 1, the only
difference is that the device is 14 instead of 13.  I have read the
HOWTO, and mention is made of INTA, INTB, etc.  I don't know what this
means.  I called Micron about the IRQ lines, and apparently the first
PCI device found in the slots is assigned IRQ 15, the second is IRQ
11.  When I boot DOS, this seems to be confirmed, at least for IRQ 15.

I have 2 IDE drives already, and this will be the first (and only)
SCSI drive.  It is terminated properly, and identified as SCSI device

What do I need to do to get this running under linux?  

Any reply is greatly appreciated!  I'm over my head here.



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