HP Vectra XU 6/150 & Linux?

HP Vectra XU 6/150 & Linux?

Post by Keith Morea » Mon, 18 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have a HP Vectra XU 6/150 computer (150 MHZ Pentium Pro), which has
an on-board SCSI controller that seems to use an "Adaptec AIC-7880
v1.2S2-HP bios" and implements something called "Ultra SCSI". I have a
slackware CD which contains an "aha2940" boot kernel. Of course, this
didn't work, when Linux starts up, I get a few "unknown device at PCI"
messages and fdisk doesn't even see the drive.

I've read a few messages about the 7880 boot kernel, and I was
wondering if anybody else out there had a similar machine and had
gotten it to work, and if there were any other tricks...

Thanks for any advice in advance, and I'd appreciate e-mail if
possible too.

Thanks much,



1. Linux on HP Vectra XU Pentium Pro 150


I am interested in hearing any success stories with running Linux on an
HP Vectra XU Pentium Pro 150. In particular are there any problems using
the scsi controller on the mother board. I have read conflicting
information about what this scsi controller is:

Adaptec AIC-7880 Ultra Scsi?


-Jack de Valpine

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