hp g55 all-in-one

hp g55 all-in-one

Post by jack le » Thu, 06 Sep 2001 23:51:51

I intend to purchase a HP G55 all-in-one, maybe within the next month.
Now I know that HP supplies some driver software (hpoj) for linux.
Is there anybody in this group who has more detailed informations how
this all works out, maybe some of you have already some experience in
this field.



1. HP Laserjet 3100 All-in-one

Hello everyone,

Maybe this isn't the exact newsgroup to ask the question, but I expect the
respons here to be better than somewhere else.

I have a HP Lasejet 3100 All-in-one. Nice piece of equipment, but only works
under windows. Is there anybody who knows how to print to it from linux
(maybe there is a driver for linux? guess not. Or over a network to a
windows host.)


Luud Heck
The Netherlands

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