Aztech CDROM 2x (ATAPI/EIDE) problems

Aztech CDROM 2x (ATAPI/EIDE) problems

Post by Pedro Andre Valero Bornay Cruz Menezes - Aluno Eng. Informati » Thu, 25 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm having problems on instaling a Aztech CDROM (the that i say in the
topic).. but beeing a General IDE cdrom it should work fine under Slackware
3.0.0 like a IDE cdrom... i've asked them guyz at Aztech and they said that
i should work fine... but.. it doesnt.. it's currently configured at
Address:170 Irq:15 (Master Secondary).. does linux try this address on IDE
cdrom Bootdisk? Or do i have to force it?

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1. Problems with Aztech 268-03I ATAPI-CDROM

Help!  Somebody, help me!

I've just installed the Slackware-distribution of Linux, on my PC.

My computer is equipped with an Aztech CDA 268-03I ATAPI CD-ROM, connected
to a WinBond S-2341 IDE-controller with a primary and a secondary interface.

Two hard-drives are connected as master & slave on the primary interface,
and my Aztech is connected to the secondary interface.

My problem:

Linux detects the primary interface, but not the second.  Hence, it will
not detect my Aztech, wich is connected to this one.

I upgraded to 1.2.11 today, but still, Linux refuse to detect the secondary

My Aztech works just fine under DOS, so why on earth can't Linux use it???

Please send replies via e-mail.

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