Viper V330 AGP Experiences?

Viper V330 AGP Experiences?

Post by llej.. » Sun, 02 Nov 1997 04:00:00

> Does anyone have the Viper V330 AGP card going
> on their system yet?  If so, what resolutions and
> colors and refresh rate are going.

I installed the suse X server on my micron xku with the viper330AGP a
couple of days ago. It is working fine, I tried 640*480 to 1024*768 on
and 24bpp. The 1280*1024 didn't work for some reason, but I prefer
1024*768 anyway. The monitor is a micron 700FGx btw.

As for refresh rates, seems to be doing 1024*768 at the monitor presets
70Hz or 75Hz, not sure which but looks fine).

Hope this helps,