Rebel Netwinder OfficeServer

Rebel Netwinder OfficeServer

Post by Demian Johnsto » Wed, 03 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I recently installed a cablemodem and have been looking for a solution to
share this connection with all machines in my home.  Obviously the cable
company wants me to be a single IP address.  So I have looked into NAT-based
solutions (as opposed to proxy based).  I think this little machine could
sit right next to my cable modem and could even be hooked into my stereo for
MP3's or something.

   I don't see any reference to running NAT or IPMasquerading on thi
Machine.  I'm wondering if anyone has one and if they like it?



1. Backup device for Netwinder OfficeServer

Hi, I have a NetWinder OfficeServer (2100, I think), the model with
just a parallel and serial interface (no 3'd ethernet port, not
USB, no SCSI). I would really like to put some sort of tape
backup device on it, I guess through the parallel port. I've
looked all over and can't find if people have done it - are there
parallel port tape devices that work under linux? If anyone
has done this or knows of a configuration that will work, please
let me know. Thanks!

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