SCSI (AHA154x) install problems

SCSI (AHA154x) install problems

Post by Archie Lam » Mon, 06 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have been trying to install my Adaptec AHA154x (ISA) SCSI controller
quit some time now. Originally my goal was to attach my DAT Tape and
to my RedHat 3.0.3 installation of Linux thru this controller. I could
use some hints now! My config:
Quantex (intel MB) 200MHz, 32MB RAM, PCI/IDE hard drive, with the plug
pray modem and sound cards. Obviously the system comes with Windoze95
forces the SCSI card to use "nonstandard" addressing (0x230) and IRQ
and DMA  (6).
The message reported with dmesg is-> scsi : 0 hosts.  The howto says
this is
common on the 1520 or 6260 which have no BIOS. I have tried the 154x
BIOS enabled and disabled - same result (autoprobe never seems to find
I tried to append the line append="aha154x=0x230,10,7,1" to the
file as the howto suggests for these other cards - same result.
I believe this problem to be the result of the "nonstandard" addressing
cannot seem to overcome the problem. I should mention that these devices
run fine under DOS (both the DAT and JAZZ). I have even tried a SCSI
drive replacing the other two devices with the same results. Out of
frustration I tried a Slackware (vs 3.0) installation with exactly the
results. I have verified all of hardware with diagnostics in DOS - all
fine there!  HELP!!!


SCSI (AHA154x) install problems

Post by Fi » Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>pray modem and sound cards. Obviously the system comes with Windoze95
>forces the SCSI card to use "nonstandard" addressing (0x230) and IRQ
>and DMA  (6).


Quote:>I tried to append the line append="aha154x=0x230,10,7,1" to the

When you put it in lilo.conf, you need to rerun lilo so that it writes
it to the boot sector.


1. Adaptec aha154x SCSI problems

OH NO! I hear you cry, not another geezer with a problem 1540 SCSI card!!
Well yes I'm afraid so. I have a 1542F which works no problems, but I have

tried 2 diffent 1542B cards with Linux 2.0.28 and I cannot get them to work!
The error I seem to be seeing is something like this:-

aha1542_out failed(2): sendid DID_RESET for target0

There are some other messages too, but this one repeats and Linux never boots,
the message just repeats over and over, this is at the stage where the kernel
looks for SCSI devices.

I have tried various IRQ's and base addresses and made sure they are not in use

already but to no avail!
Any help would be more that welcome!

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