Diamond Stealth24VLB and Compudyne Monitor

Diamond Stealth24VLB and Compudyne Monitor

Post by Lefteris Giakoumat » Sun, 25 Jun 1995 04:00:00


I need some help with my XF86Config file... My current setup is a Diamond
Stealth 24 VLB with 1 meg ram on it, and a Compudyne KD - 1500 N Monitor.
I can't seem to get x-windows working right, if anyone has the same
configuration, can you e-mail me your XF86Config file?


L. Giakoumatos


1. Compudyne KD-1440 / Diamond Stealh 64DRAM ?

Does anybody have a decent XF86Config for a Compudyne KD-1440?

So far the only way I can get 1024x768x256 is with this modeline:

with these clocks on the Diamond:

This monitor has a bad tendency to not sync with standard modelines.
Is the problem with my individual monitor, or is there a special
config for it?  I know Compudyne is an OEM brand for CompUSA, does
anybody know the manufacturer?


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