FIPS use

FIPS use

Post by Gilles Corniller » Thu, 31 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Having  in mind to create LINUX partition (2 Gig)on already existing
WIN95 5Gig partion ( ONly use on 1 Gig) , using FIPS,  would like to
know advices on that specific matter.
Any strong risk ? System is Compaq Armada 7800.

Many thanks



1. To FIPS or not to FIPS?

I just bought a computer, and I am on the verge of setting it up to dual
boot with WIN98 and Linux.  

I have 20 GIGS.

I will need to use a healthy chunk for WIN98 for work, 10G should be more than
enough.  What is the best way to partition the rest of the drive?  I would like
to be able to try different distros easily.

Also, after reading the FIPS documentation it seems that it is not easy to undo
the partitioning at some later date.  

It seems that without saving the original FAT file it is not possible.  I hate
to have
another floppy around that I will probably only lose.  

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