linksys pcmcia ethernet & Mandrake 7.1

linksys pcmcia ethernet & Mandrake 7.1

Post by Dan Alle » Fri, 29 Sep 2000 04:00:00

These seems so dumb, but for some reason when I install Mandrake 7.1, I
don't get an eth0 for my linksys pcmcia ethernet card (even though it works
fine in RedHat) and I notice that the network.opt is missing.  When I boot
up it does a beep for my pcmcia card and when I go to laptop settings under
the pcmcia tab I see the Linksys fastethernet 10/100 card but when I type

ifconfig adapter eth0

it says that it is not able to be accessed.  How do I get it to activate
this card.  It worked even under RedHat 6.0 and the linksys website says
that it should just work (unofficially of coure).  This is not a tulip
driver issue since that is only for the pci linksys card.  Any help would be


Dan Allen