STB LightSpeed 128Bits

STB LightSpeed 128Bits

Post by Boon Hee Lo » Fri, 18 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I need help on the installation of RedHat video card. My video card is STB
LightSpeed 128Bits, and it is using ET6000 chipsets. But the installation
program just allow me to choose a few from, the max. they have is ET400.
What should I do? I tried it but it don't work. By the way, I was using
X-install. And I purchased the CD-ROM from Infomagic, is a six packs CDs.

Please help me on it, thanks a lot.

Anthony Loo


1. STB 128bit Lightspeed under X?

Has anyone got this car working under x with anything but the svga server?
 A friend of mine is considering buying a system with this card and would
like to run linux and X on it.  If so, is it a fast card?
AJ Prowant

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