backup devices

backup devices

Post by Will Ballantyn » Sat, 10 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Anyone have comments on large-scale backup devices for linux?  i.e.,
experiences they may have had, devices known to work well (especially
for distributed backups), etc.

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1. Tape backup device numbers....


We have a Exabyte Exb-8505 tape backup device.

ankara-root:/4:47pm>ls /dev/rmt
0       0bn     0cb     0cn     0hb     0hn     0lb     0ln     0mb     0mn
0u      0ubn
0b      0c      0cbn    0h      0hbn    0l      0lbn    0m      0mbn    0n
0ub     0un

According to the exabyte documentation
/dev/rmt/0c is used for 8500c data format.

ankara-root:/4:49pm>ls /dev/rmt/0c*
/dev/rmt/0c     /dev/rmt/0cb    /dev/rmt/0cbn   /dev/rmt/0cn

I am using /dev/rmt/0c and working properly.
But I want to learn the other 3 device which has the same "0c" words.
What are their usage?

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