IBM Server 720/Mylex Raid adapter

IBM Server 720/Mylex Raid adapter

Post by Johannes Schwar » Sat, 07 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hi there,

has anybody experience with Linux running on an IBM Server 720 with
a Mylex pci raid adapter ?

I have this IBM Server at work, and i tried to boot it with the scsi.s
boot disk
from the slackware distribution. The server is equipped with a mylex pci
raid controller
and an adaptec 2940. When booting, only the 2940 is recognized, but not
mylex. Can anybody help ?




1. IBM PC Server 720

My boss just "gave" me an IBM PC Server 720 (4 CPUs, 64megs,
SCSI2-Fast/Wide).  I'm
thinking of installing Linux on it.  Anyone out there has any advice for
me before I go on
in installing it?  I tried it once.  I had a SCSI problem.  There's no
Linux device driver for it.

I go RedHat 5.2

Thanks in advance

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