adding a second soundcard and losing the first soundcard

adding a second soundcard and losing the first soundcard

Post by Joel Smit » Fri, 07 Mar 2003 23:59:57

i'm running redhat 8.0 with onboard sound via8233.  since via8233
doesn't work with alsa well or with the drivers that came with redhat
at all, i tried to add a second sound card.  after adding the card, kadzu
appeared and first said that multimedia controller via8233 had been
removed, then it said that the second card had been added.  i did not
remove the configuration for via8233 and added the configuration for
the second card.  a lspci listed that the new card was present but the
via8233 wasn't there.  

i removed the new card and now have my machine back to where it was.
my question is how can i add the second card without losing the first
one.  what happened to the first card when i added the second?  



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I need to configure a system that can run two soundcards simultanously.
I only need the dsp device, and I'd like to use cheap cards. The
synthesizer part of the cards is completely uninteresting for me.

Does anybody have first hand experiences with a setup with two
soundcards ? The Sound HOWTO hints that this should be possible with
most cards, but isn't explicit. Any hints which cards would fit best ?

If I get any replies by email, I'd post a short summary in this group
later on.

Thanks in advance,


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