Orchid SW32 sound card not working: HELP

Orchid SW32 sound card not working: HELP

Post by Li-Siang L » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Anyone has Orchid SW32 working under Linux.  I followed
the SOUND-HOWTO and the readme.Cards and I still could
not get the card to work.  I could play the audio cd
thru the card.  When I do a "cat file_name > /dev/dsp", I
got a device not found error message. I tried different
IRQ and DMA with no luck.  Can someone send me your
dos configuration and linux configuration for this card.


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1. Orchid SW32 Sound Problems - Help?

Has anyone gotten a SW32 to work correctly with Linux?  I am able to get
sound if I "cat" a wave file to /dev/dsp but it is at about half speed.
I have also run "doom" and the sound output is all screwed up.  Currently,
I have my kernel configured for SB Pro and SB 16 drivers.  The address/int/
dma info matches the configuration of the card:  adr=x220, int=7, dma=1.
Another thing I have noticed is that I cannot control the volume when I run
"workman".  I have rebuilt my kernel about 6 times now trying different
sound options but so far nothing seems to help.  If anyone has suggestions,
I would very appreciate your sending them to me.


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