Linux Distro with Support for CF-28/CF-29 Panasonic Toughbook TouchScreen?

Linux Distro with Support for CF-28/CF-29 Panasonic Toughbook TouchScreen?

Post by Kevin Nobl » Wed, 19 Oct 2005 07:54:59

Does anyone know if any Linux Distro has support for the touchscreen on
a Panasonic toughbook?  Alternatively has anyone managed to get a CF-28
or CF29 touchscreen working by patching the kernel with any of the
modules out there and if so can you provide procedure.

Any info anybody could provide would be appreciated.


1. Linux Laptops - Panasonic CF-45 Toughbook.


I'm looking to purchase a laptop, and the specs / price of this machine seem
attractive... esp. considering it has lots of 'ruggedized features.' (1200
/ $2000 approx).

Does anyone have experience with this machine and Linux? (Or just experience
of it generally - eg. good/bad keyboard, display, etc).

Perhaps you have recommendations of other good laptops for using with Linux?
(I'm looking at the 1500 ($2500 approx.) at the most I can afford).
Display, keyboard, and battery life have to be the key features I'm
interested in.

Any info. greatly appreciated...

ANTISPAM EMAIL: richard dot owen at mcmail dot com

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