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 what motherboards have the rz1000 chip on them



1. HELP: RZ1000 problems (redhat)


 I've been struggling with this issue for quite a while, so if anyone
has any ideas please let me know.
 I am attempting to install Redhat linux (note: Que slackware installed
without any problems).  When I boot from the cd using the
/dosutils/autoboot command, I notice the following line during kernel
 Buggy RZ1000 cable
 The problem is that during the redhat installation procedure I can't
get past the CD-ROM declaration screen.  I have a Sony cdu33a (with a
proprietary interface to a soundblaster), and I have tried every
permutation I could think of (eg., cdu31a=0x340,0 cdu31a=0x260, ...).
Redhat simply can't detect my CD-ROM.  Again, it worked fine under Que,
and DOS.  
 Any solutions??????


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